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Florida Landscapes - Black and White

Learn more about this black and white Florida landscape photography gallery

This gallery contains a diverse array of black and white photography of Florida landscapes, seascapes and nature. Black and white photos offer the viewer an insight into a landscape that is often lost in a color image. In the absence of color we tend to look beyond a general impression or mood and focus on the finer details of the landscape. Black and white photography places the emphasis on contrast, texture and light.

Florida forest scenes are particularly well suited to Black and white photography. What would otherwise be mostly a nondescript wash of brown and green becomes much more intimate in black and white. From the complex textures of the trees and forest floor to the gentle ripples and reflections of a stream or river; the journey taken by the viewer throughout the photographic scene allows them to experience the most minute of details.

The many diverse and beautiful coastal areas and beaches of Florida are also well represented in black and white photography. The swift currents of waves breaking on the beach create a unique sense of motion in a photo. The details of long blades of saw grass in a salt marsh come into focus, forming windswept patterns across an image.  The tangled roots of a lone mangrove tell its story of survival in a harsh saltwater environment.

Please enjoy my gallery of Florida black and white photography. Prints are available of all images in a variety of sizes, finishes and framing styles. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

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