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About the Prints & Limited Editions

Limited Editions

The limited edition prints offered here combine a variety of processes to achieve their look. The actual print is created by using a LightJet machine to process a digital image on to silver halide photo paper. These are true photographic prints that use light exposure and chemicals to produce an image. However, unlike a traditional darkroom enlarger, a laser is used to expose the paper. The final step in the process is what truly brings out the amazing brilliance of the images. The prints are front mounted to a sheet of acrylic using a process called “Diasec”. This permanently adheres the front of the print to the back of the acrylic. The result of this process allows light to refract in such a way that the image’s contrast and saturation are intensified. The thickness of the acrylic also helps to add a three dimensional quality to the image.

The finished acrylic mounted print can be displayed by either traditional framing or a frameless float mount. The float mount is achieved by attaching an inset frame to the back of the image which sets the image a couple inches off of the wall. The float mount option gives a very modern look and helps to add to the three dimensional qualities of the image.

All limited editions sold through the site come ready to hang with the float mount attached. If you desire to get a traditional framing please note this in the order comments so the inset frame is not included. It is not possible to remove the float mount once it has been set.

Open Editions

The open edition prints are all processed on a high quality metallic photographic paper. These prints use the same printing process as the limited editions except without the acrylic mounting process. Open edition prints are intended to be placed into traditional framing and are all standard sizes. The standard format images all come with black mats. The panoramic prints do not have mats and are printed to fully fill standard sized panoramic frames.






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